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Former Projects

Boulder Retaining Walls

A variety of retaining walls


Smart Drainage 

Instead of directing rainwater straight to the curb, we used smart earthworks and permaculture inspired drainage plans to not only prevent erosion and flooding but also to capture much of the natural water and direct it back into the landscape and subterranean ecosystems. This effectively builds soil, builds up the thirsty local aquifers and overtime re-greens the whole neighborhood, creating a much more healthy local ecosystem. For more info see our blog page


Upcycled pergola/ deck/ shade structure

Will post more when we're not out gardening.


Edible Landscape front and backyard

An entire edible yard featuring, fruit, veggies, kitchen herbs, medicinals and polinators + a multitude of sustainable elements: water smart irrigation/ roof water harvesting/ food forest concepts like layering and grouping. for more info check out our blog.


Ponds/ water features

Will post more when we're not out slangin' compost.


Upcycled tiny homes and small structures

Will post more when we're not out playing in the dirt.

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